AED Rental

Why rent?

Do you recognize the importance of your premises or business premises being fitted with an AED, but are put off by the purchase price? If so, renting the AED is the answer.

The CardiaRent formula makes it possible for every organization to ensure a safe environment by installing an AED. For a fixed monthly fee, you will have the most advanced CardiAid AED to hand for the duration of 72 months. Periodic servicing and replacement of the batteries and electrodes is included in the subscription fee, so you will never be faced with unexpected expenses.

A summary of the benefits of rental:

  • Security at your workplace without the need for a large investment
  • Affordable to every organization, company, practice, or pre-school facility
  • Free periodic maintenance
  • Free service after every use
  • Free replacement of electrodes and battery after use
  • A new AED every 72 months
  • You are always guaranteed the latest technology

An AED is a medical device that needs to be tested regularly. Naturally, you need to rely on the device working well when you need it. Therefore, it is essential that your AED be serviced periodically. It is comparable to an annual boiler service.

In terms of servicing, you can choose online from various service contracts. In our experience, the price and quality of servicing can vary considerably. Often there are many extra costs. Many providers charge extra to replace batteries and electrodes. Subsequently, a subscription that appears cheap, may turn out to be an expensive option.

But not with a CardiaRent subscription. For the duration of the contract, we ensure that your AED is functioning optimally and we do not charge extra for periodic maintenance and replacement electrodes. You pay a fixed fee every month. There are no hidden charges!

Contact your local dealer to find out more about our rental solutions.  The availability of this service varies per country.