How to use CardiAid

When you see a person lying unconscious:

  • Make sure you, the victim and any bystanders are safe.
  • Check the victim for a response. Gently shake the shoulders and ask loudly: “Are you all right?”.

If he responds:

  • Leave him in the position in which you find him, provided there is no further danger.
  • Try to find out what is wrong with him and get help if needed.
  • Reassess him regularly.

If the patient does not respond: Shout for help and follow these steps:

Turn the victim onto his back. Open the airway by tilting his head back and lifting his chin up. Look, listen and feel for

If breating is absent or not normal, send someone for help and to bring the AED. Perform CPR until the AED arrives

If you are on your own, use your mobile phone to alert the ambulance services.

CardiAid switches on automatically when the cover of the device is opened. Follow the verbal and visual instructions.

Strip patient’s chest. If necessary, use the scissors in the emergency kit of CardiAid to cut the cloth of the patient.

Open electrodes’ package.

Peel off the film of the first electrode and stick the pad on patient’s bare chest as shown on the pad.

Peel off the film of the second electrode and stick the pad on patient’s bare chest as shown on the pad.

CardiAid immediately starts analysing the heart rhythm. Do not touch the patient from now on.

If electroshock is required, CardiAid informs the user and prepares the shock automatically. In CT0207RS, electroshock is delivered by pressing the button. In CT0207RF, the device delivers the shock automatically after warning the user.

CardiAid continues to guide the user through the resuscitation process. First make 30 chest compressions by following the verbal instructions. CardiAid provides a metronomic signal with the correct rhythm for the chest compressions.

After 30 chest compressions, give 2 mouth-to-mouth breaths. Continue CPR by following the instructions of CardiAid until “Do not touch the patient from now on.” instruction

is heard.

Download a complete manual for the CardiAid AED (.pdf).