Storage and Protection

When someone suffers from sudden cardiac arrest, every second is critical. In a public place, it may be a problem for the responder to know whether there is an AED on site and to bring the AED to the scene.

On the other hand, the AED should be protected when in a public place; like airports, city halls and schools. For this reason, CardiAid AED should be stored where it may be noticed and reached quickly while providing safety of the device.

With their special designs, CardiAid Wallmounts, indoor- and outdoor AED Cabinets ensure that CardiAid AED is noticeable and easily reachable in case of an emergency.

CardiAid Information Board and Wallmount

With its special design, CardiAid Wallmount ensures that CardiAid AED is noticeable and easily reachable in case of an emergency. CardiAid Wallmount provides practical storage for CardiAid AED. CardiAid Wallmount also provides storage for spare electrodes, if necessary. CardiAid Wallmount is especially suitable for places where there is no need to secure the AED with CardiAid AED Indoor or Outdoor Cabinet.

It is advised to install CardiAid Wallmount, Information Board and AED signs to increase the visibility of the AED point and thus the effectiveness of the public access defibrillation / AED Program.

Indoor Cabinets

To protect your CardiAid AED indoors, we offer you a choice of different Rotaid cabinets : the Plus and the Solid Plus. All cabinets ensure a high quality storage of your CardiAid AED and have a high quality appearance.


The Rotaid Plus

The Plus cabinet can be placed in conditioned environments, like an office, practice, shop, sports centre or other environment. The Plus makes sure the CardiAid AED can be found in an instant and used in the case of a cardiac arrest. The cabinet can be opened by an intuitive twist that removes the whole cover. The responder therefore has full access to the AED that hangs via a bracket for a quick and easy grab. The cover is attached to the back plate via a belt and needs no further attention from the responder. A stainless steel hook, attached to the bottom of the cabinet, can hold a seal, tag or other appliance. The audible alarm of 98dB warns bystanders that the cabinet is opened.
Rotaid Plus indoor pdfBrochure.pdf

The Rotaid Solid Plus

If you prefer additional protection for example against dust, moisture or other conditions, the Solid Plus is your cabinet of choice. It comes with a great resistance against dust and water and can therefore be placed in any surroundings possible. Rotaid Solid Plus cabinets can be placed in industrial environments, warehouses, recreational areas, swimming pools, bars and restaurants and other public spaces where you need that extra solidness and protection.

The cover, equipped with recesses for an optimal grip and directive arrows, is made from 100% Polycarbonate. With a thickness of 5 millimetres it offers a solid protection and ensures a high grade of water- and dust resistance. Furthermore, the cover is fitted with UV filters, to protect from direct and indirect sunrays. Appearance decay, rust and accumulation of residue are excluded. The audible alarm of 98dB warns bystanders that the cabinet is opened.

Rotaid Solid Plus Indoor pdf Brochure.pdf

Outdoor cabinet

Rotaid Solid Plus outdoor
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Rotaid Solid Plus Heat outdoor
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Outdoor Cabinets

When your CardiAid AED is placed in an outdoor environment, the Solid Plus Heat and Solid Plus products are your cabinets of choice. These sturdy cabinets make sure your AED has the best possible storage and offer maximum protection against dust, (salt)water, weather conditions and vandalism.

The solid construction, excellent build quality and high quality appearance meet all your requirements when it comes to outdoor storage. Rust and decay will not apply, ensuring a long term storage of your life saving device. Special UV blocking filter in the cover protect against the sun and make sure the cover remains transparent for a long time.

When outside temperatures could drop below 5 degrees Centigrade, the Solid Plus Heat makes sure the inside cabinet temperature remains at a comfortable temperature (> 5 degrees Centigrade), even when outside temperatures drop to -25 degrees Centigrade. This ensures availability of your CardiAid AED in every season of the year.

A tailor made heating element has a fully automated operation, making constant measurement of the inside temperature and controlling the heating element 24/7/365. All you need to do is plug it in. The heating element is also very efficient, using under 200 kWh of electricity per year.

Both outdoor cabinets have proven their value since 2010 and can be found in city centers, harbors, industrial areas, beaches, outdoor sports areas and natural parks.

Outdoor cabinet

Rotaid Totem
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Rotaid Totems

The modular set-up ensures an easy installation and the totem can easily be demounted when used for training and trade show purposes.

On the front, back and top of the totem, information and branding panels can be mounted. These panels are custom made, connecting to the customer’s request and location, making sure the totem aligns perfectly with its surroundings.

The cabinet is safely mounted on the totem and the solid steel construction allows for installation in the most demanding environments. The double powder coated finish ensures a long-lasting appearance.


• Training and fares
• Stand alone installations
• Locations with no wall mounting possibilities
• Outdoor installations
• Renting and eventing

• Custom made design
• Full colour UV protected printing
• Allows for fixed floor mounting
• In combination with all Rotaid cabinets

Width: 700 mm
Height: 1615 mm
Weight: 40 kg

Width: 700 mm round
Thickness: 5 mm high
Material: Steel, powder-coated

Uprights / Stairs
Width: 560 mm
Height: 1715 mm
Thickness pole: 60 mm
Material: Steel, powder-coated

Width: 394 mm
Height: 1075 mm
Material: Dibond, 3 mm thick