CardiAid Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is an outstanding product with its distinguishing features:

Reliable & Safe

CardiAid is designed to provide the highest level of safety for the patient and the user. CardiAid performs self-check daily, monthly and when the cover of the device is opened. This function enables CardiAid to be in-use without a problem whenever needed. CardiAid also is equipped with features warranting both the patient’s and the user’s safety. CardiAid analyses the heart rhythm of the patient with the most accurate technique and it is impossible to give shock if shock is not required.

Easy-to-Use with Clear Verbal and Visual Instructions

CardiAid directs the user with clear verbal and visual instructions from the beginning to the end of the whole process, including instructions reminding the user to call the emergency number and assisting the user through the reanimation process. With these clear instructions, CardiAid assures that the user follows all the necessary steps which are critical for the patient.

Functional & Attractive Design

CardiAid has a design aimed to achieve simplicity which is very improtant for the user in a moment of emergency. CardiAid is designed to assist the user with both pictures, flashing lights of different colours and sound at the same time, thus maximizing the performance. The pictures are simple and explanatory, the flashing lights are designed to emphasize the pictures and buttons, with white flashing light showing the stage of the process and red flashing light only indicating the shock button. The status indicatior lights burn with universal colours: green and red, showing if there is any problem with the device, or not.


CardiAid was designed taking all the possible scenarios the user may face into consideration. CardiAid is stored in its protection bag which was specially designed for CardiAid. The protection bag has a lens to enable the status indicator lights to be seen without opening the bag. CardiAid has a special Wallmount which enables the CardiAid to be stored in a fix and easily visible place. This provides the user very valuable time in case of an emergency. CardiAid is sold with an emergecy bag including a razor for removing excessive body hair, scissors for cutting the cloth, a respiratory mask and gloves for providing hygiene. This emergency bag is storen on the inside cover of CardiAid where it can be seen easily.

Strong After-Sale Customer Support

Cardia International gives its customers a comprehensive after-sale support with experienced technical experts and customer representatives. Every product is registered and recorded to the database, and monitored by Cardia International during the whole life of the product.

Impressive Price Performance

CardiAid offers a chance to save a life by a product having all these features with the best price performance in the market.